Nice Catch

Tourist Privilege: Free Lobster Bisque worth RM23 with any purchase. (Click for more info)

About Nice Catch:


Undiscovered by many, the newly opened seafood eatery, Nice Catch is the first ever outlet in Malaysia that brings you seafood from all over the world like Canada, Chile, Caribbean, French, Vietnamese and Norway in one hub. In terms of taste and ambiance, this eatery is definitely an all-rounder that prioritize the enhancement of natural ingredients flavours that could turn a non-seafood eater into a seafood fan with a whiff of the dishes.

Unique Feature: Under The Sea Dining

Playing with waves-like patterns at their entrance symbolises entering the deep blue sea, well prepared for a grand seafood feast. Have an intimate date behind the waves scene on comfortable cushioned chairs while admiring intricate and sleek sea themed interior designs such as fishing boats.

1. Korean Bite: Curly Aromatic Swirls

One of Nice Catch's must have appetizer - The 'Golden Squid & Salsa' dish is prepared by using the finest squid imported all the way from the land of 'Annyeonghaseyo' - Korea, for an easy to eat, slightly crunchy and juicy texture, totally different from normal squid that makes you chew for an hour. The Korean squid is lightly battered and flash-fried to retain moisture, then stir-fried with basil, chili and ginger to get an aromatic but subtle flavours. The dish is then tied together with the made-fresh-daily salsa that packs a tangy and heaty punch.

2. Chilean Bite: Spiky Legs For Days

One of Nice Catch's signature dish - 'Spicy Seafood Feast' blew us away with its extremely rich and flavourful spicy lemongrass sauce that give a serious kick in the taste buds. The sauce is also available in 3 different spiciness level - mild, moderate and extreme for the daring at heart. It's also served with mini fluffy fried mantou that soaks up the sauce beautifully like a savoury sponge.

As this eatery only provides the best seafood choices, this dish comes with high quality selections that ranges from Caribbean lobster to French crabs. We savoured the Chilean king crab legs that's known for having less spikes and highest meat to shell ratio compared with Alaskan king crab legs. The king crab legs are cut into few huge pieces and these juicy meat are easily popped out just by a gentle push. Meat so delicate and sweet - this could be the most elegant crab feast date you can ever have, without getting your all hands dirty.

Great news, this month, get to enjoy the French crab 'Spicy Seafood Feast' for only RM1 when you order one Lobster 'Spicy Seafood Feast' ordered! It's definitely worth the money.

3. Vietnamese Bite: Buttery Goodness

The Butter fish a.k.a milk fish here is imported from Vietnam where the fish is pan-seared with care, seasoned only with salt and pepper to enhance the original taste of this buttery and flaky goodness. To make it better, it's topped with crystal-like translucent sweet fresh prawns. This dish is accompanied with a choice of homemade punchy mustard dill sauce or creamy ginger soy as Nice Catch has a strict philosophy to only use natural condiments as every ingredient down to the core is acknowledged.

4. New Orleans Bite: Cheese & Crunch Duo

Inspired by New Orleans's version of the dish called gumbo, the ' Cheesy Seafood Bake With Corn Dodgers' dish involves a richer and darker tomato based sauce cook together with a mixture of seafood like prawns, salmon, squid, topped with melty cheese. It's like a cheesy treasure box as every spoonful is a surprise. A New Orleans special snack - Corn dodgers (a.k.a Hushpuppies) are served on the side where crispy fritters are perfectly deep fried, made especially to add more crunch and texture to the dish while soaking up the gumbo.

5. Clean Bite: Ultimate Greens

One of the most attentive and knowledgeable waitress, Ms. Aisha sold us this 'Garden Crisp Salad' that is definitely unlike any other salad out there. It's a mix of salad leaves, sunflower seeds, and plump cherry tomatoes, tossed together and well coated with their signature grapefruit dressing that's absolutely refreshing. Let's not leave out the wonderfully fried mushrooms and apples as well for a palatable crisp yet soft texture.

6. Caribbean bite: The Premium Pasta

Pride for using the best quality of ingredients, even their pasta dish is elevated by pairing up with cheesy and tender lobster and mussels from the Caribbean on a bed on cappelini pasta which is the thinnest pasta type that carries the tomato and basil infused sauce together. If you're a huge basil fan, this is made for you.