Valuable Lunch Sets At Grand Imperial Hotpot & BBQ

  • Level 9, Pavilion Elite
  • 23 Mar 2018 - 01 May 2018
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Enjoy these weekday individual set lunch:

Time: 11.30am - 5.00pm

1. Hot Noodles Soup with Peanut Paste
It comes with deep fried sesame ball with lotus and figs sour plum.

Price: RM19.80 nett

2. Dry Noodles with Minced Chicken
It comes with 3 pieces of minced chicken and onion 'wantan' and double boiled Chuanbei (chicken grass herbal tea).

Price: RM22.80 nett

3. Soup Noodles with Beef Brisket Tendon
It comes with chicken dumpling with hot & spicy sauce and red dates with black fungus herbal tea.

Price: RM29.80 nett.

The type of noodles for all set lunch above can be chosen between handmade 'la mian' or handmade 'spinach noodles'.

Only applicable on weekdays.
Terms and conditions apply.

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