KLFW-Worthy Pieces That Are Ready To Wear

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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) is next week! So if you are still in doubt on what to wear, check out these KLFW worthy pieces we picked out from the mall!

1. Ruffled Trimmed Bomber Jacket and Wide Legged Belted Trousers by M Pavilion, Level 3, +603-2141 6088

This ensemble is absolute perfection, we can already envisioned this to be among the crowd during KLFW. Nothing can beat a bomber jacket with a twist, this ruffled trimmed bomber jacket has detailed embroidery that definitely brought it up to the next level.

On the other hand, vertical stripes being statement print could bring up one’s height as it has a lengthen effect. Plus, this wide legged belted trousers are high-waisted with a ribbon finish.

Please inquire prices in-store.

2. Leather Biker Jacket Inspired Sling Bag by Moschino, Level 2, Couture Pavilion,
+603-2148 5588

If you’re looking for a cool and edgy sling bag, this one is for you! It looks and feel exactly like a leather biker jacket. No doubts, this bag will definitely turn heads at KLFW and make your Instagram likes fly-high.

The Leather Biker Jacket Inspired Sling Bag is retailing at RM10,290.

3. JUUN J Samsung Black Top By Club 21, Level 3, Couture Pavilion, +603-2142 8806

Inspired by Russian archive text, this JUUN J top is a combination of hipster and sleek. Pair it with a pair of ripped-jeans or black skinny jeans and you’re good to go to KLFW!

The JUUN J Samsung Black Top is retailing at RM1,890.

4. Sneakers by Gucci, Level 2 & 3, Couture Pavilion, +603-2143 6988

Sneakers are even better when it’s sending a loud message. Our picks is the above Gucci sneakers that is not only comfortable, but also uber stylish with its detachable shoe tag.

Detachable shoe tag that cost RM930 - RM1,390.
The sneakers are retailing at RM2,810.
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