Savour "Heritage 60" Dishes At Grandmama's

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  • 19 Aug 2017 - 23 Sep 2017
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As the nation celebrated Malaysia's 60th year of independence, Grandmama’s commemorates this significant occasion by celebrating the food culture with these "Heritage 60" dishes:

1. Southern Sambal Pari

Southern favourite of grilled fish heavily influenced by Portugese culinary styles, served with a wedge of lime. The dish's secret lies in the zesty homemade sambal sauce that brings it to life.

2. Claypot Beef Stew

A traditional Chinese delicacy prepared with much care and attention to detail, with at least 6 hours of stewing to flesh out the meat's tender and juicy texture.

3. Oriental Braised Chicken with Spices

Popular dish originating from fishing villages where dried cuttlefish was commonly used in food preparation. Tender chicken cutlets and cuttlefish dressed in dried chilli, garlic and soya sauce.

4. Ikan Goreng Klasik

A kampong-style staple of succulent fish fried to golden crisp perfection, complete with a side of aromatic sambal belacan sauce and fresh lime slices.

5. Majestic Masala

A dish that's no stranger to Malaysians- boneless chicken drumstick drenched in rich and creamy masala sauce, served with yogurt, mint yogurt, mango pickles and pita bread.

6. Chilli Sang Har

Succulent freshwater prawns slathered with flavoursome and tangy chilli-based gravy, served with a side of fried mantou bread for dipping.